The R&L Journey

A kitchen is more than just hardware and high-end cabinetry. It’s a human service where every member of our team is dedicated to turning your own vision into reality. It’s a journey that starts with you.

The R&L Journey

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    Needs Assessment

    In person or virtually, from the comfort of your home or by stepping inside our showrooms, your dedicated designer is listening. Together, you will discuss your vision, your expectations and your investment to create a luxurious and distinctive space.

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    Concept & Adjustments

    This is the moment. The moment when your dream kitchen is revealed to you as a stunningly realistic 3D rendering. If you wish, at this step of the process you can experiment with other colours and materials or make slight changes confirming your choices. This is your home, after all.

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    After measurements have been taken using high-precision laser instruments, the process is set in motion. Technical drawings, custom-made cabinetry panels, cutting countertops: Our team makes sure that everything’s on time so that we honor our promise..

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    An installation team, carefully selected for its work ethic and attention to detail, proceeds to assemble your dream. Once finished, these efficient, caring and meticulous professionals leave behind but a single thing—your brand new kitchen.

R&L Difference:
The Details

  • 01 10 Comparisons



    Standard catalyzed lacquer

    R&L Signature

    Top acrylic varnish

  • 02 10 Comparisons



    Mouldings assembled on site

    R&L Signature

    Mouldings pre-assembled at factory

  • 03 10 Comparisons

    Cabinet Panels


    5/8" cabinet panels

    R&L Signature

    3/4" cabinet panels

  • 04 10 Comparisons



    5/8" shelves with 0.5 mm edge banding

    R&L Signature

    3/4" shelves with 2 mm edge banding

  • 05 10 Comparisons



    Plastic supports

    R&L Signature

    Built-in brackets

  • 06 10 Comparisons



    20" drawers with 30 kg capacity

    R&L Signature

    22" drawers with 70 kg capacity

  • 07 10 Comparisons



    Hinges with cross plates

    R&L Signature

    Stainless steel linear hinges with shock absorbers

  • 08 10 Comparisons

    Door Bumpers


    Self-adhesive door bumpers

    R&L Signature

    Press-in door bumpers

  • 09 10 Comparisons

    LED Lighting


    Standard LED lighting

    R&L Signature

    Dimmable high-end LED lighting

  • 10 10 Comparisons

    Installation Stone Counter Top


    Installation 2–3 weeks later

    R&L Signature

    Installation at the same time