Custom kitchens

Contemporary Kitchens

Sleek lines, minimalist design and noble materials. A Richard & Levesque contemporary kitchen incorporates the latest architectural and design trends into a kitchen design that is avant-garde, functional and in harmony with your overall décor, as illustrated in the following projects.

Classic Kitchens

For Richard & Levesque designers, the challenge of a classic kitchen is to marry tradition and timelessness. After all, we all want a kitchen that can stand the test of time and remain the backdrop for magical moments for years to come.


Tailored kitchens with clean lines, minimalist design and noble materials. The design of
our kitchens goes beyond trends or looks: it interprets great architectural movements,
where form is in harmony with function.


Our classic style kitchens are based on balance – the balance between tradition and
timelessness. Beyond a central island or a combination of textures, we design well-
equipped kitchens that will stand the test of time. Treat yourself to a living space that will
host magical moments for many years to come.


Renovating your kitchen to make it more functional and up-to-date is a life-changing
investment. Our designers think of everything when comes the time to design a well-
equipped kitchen: lighting, space saving, layout, cabinetry, storage, trends, material
quality, installation, etc. If you are considering customizing your kitchen cabinets, don't
hesitate to call us or visit our showrooms in Quebec City and Montreal!
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With nearly 20 years of experience in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing industry, we are
experts when it comes to knowing the right materials that best fit your needs. We work
with wood, MDF, acrylic, polymer and a multitude of other materials to offer you the
largest choice possible that will suit both your budget and taste.

Each material has its own qualities; let us guide you towards the best choice, according
to your needs. With such a wide range of finishes and cabinet styles, we make sure that
everything matches the backsplash, counter, floor, as well as the room itself. Once
manufactured, let us do the work of installing your brand new kitchen to ensure an
impeccable result.


A kitchen is first and foremost a sensory experience. Both in Quebec City and in
Montreal, come visit our showrooms to get a real insight into the scope of your next
kitchen. Discover the models, materials, colours and textures that will enhance your
renovation project. You can bring your own kitchen plans or trust us with the custom
design of the furniture, equipment and work plans to offer you a complete high-end

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